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BARKING GECKO THEATRE Creating a time capsule of iso-life for young humans

Barking Gecko Theatre
, in collaboration with ThinkArts in India, has created a new digital initiative Isolate > Create > Connect to highlight the similarities and differences that children are experiencing right now across the globe.

The 10-week program starts on Wednesday, April 29, and children are welcome to join in at any time until its conclusion in the last week of June. This will become a lasting record of how life in isolation during COVID-19 was experienced by young people.

Through a weekly video delivered by teaching artists from Barking Gecko and ThinkArts online, children aged five to 17 will be set a creative task inviting them to create a small artwork capturing their perspective on the world right now. Once their creation is complete, it will be uploaded digitally to the Barking Gecko website.

Each week for 10 weeks, Barking Gecko will share the full gallery of creative contributions submitted. In doing so, Isolate > Create > Connect will create a digital scrapbook of children’s creative responses to this unprecedented time in history.

The creative tasks will take the form of writing, drawing, interviews, video, poetry, voice recording or another form of storytelling. Children will be asked to respond to the creative task and create their own artwork, with whatever tools they have at their disposal in their homes.

Barking Gecko Theatre and ThinkArts present:  Isolate > Create > Connect, a free, 10-week programme for children from Wednesday, April 29. To participate, click here.


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