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BAMBUSEAN NIGHTS Bringing the world to Mojos

Bambuseae Rhythm Section
Mojos in Fremantle is set to become the home of Bambusean Nights, an exciting new monthly world music showcase set to get everyone dancing through the warm nights of 2018, kicking off this Saturday, January 27. It’s all part of the vision of local favourites Bambuseae Rhythm Section who have put together a series of diverse talent taking styles and sounds from across the globe for people to enjoy and more importantly, dance to. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with the Bambuseae’s one and only Cameron “Mr. Snake Hips” Charles to get the story about what we can look forward to on the special nights, the world music scene in Perth and what else in store for Bambuseae Rhythm Section this year.

Bambusean Nights kicks of this Saturday and it’s set to be an ongoing showcase of some of the amazing world music acts in WA. Where did the idea of this come from and how did it all come together?

Perth and Fremantle are bubbling away with culture and musical diversity, my aim of this project is for it to be a celebration of our musical diversity as a community. I was inspired to put this together by all the amazing acts we are lucky enough to have performed with in the last year or so. Doing so many gigs with so many amazing bands and musicians I quickly realised that there is a healthy appreciation for world music around town. I saw an opportunity to bring some of it together in one place and I put the idea to Cool Perth Nights and Mojos and they have been supportive of Bambusean Nights from the beginning. So I asked some musical friends I’ve made recently to join in and they’re all for it too! And who knows? Maybe this could become something even bigger in the future.

Given world music is essentially made up of acts from a diverse range of musical styles and backgrounds is there still a sense of world music ‘scene’ in Perth and if so how would you describe it?

There is definitely a thriving World Music scene in Perth and Freo but I think because the term “World Music” is so broad, the “scene” itself might be a little de-centralised or underground. Something is happening around town though, this worldly style is starting to bubble up to the surface everywhere within the local music scene. I feel its important to assist this process as much as possible.

And is there a unique factor or vibe that connects people playing this music despite where it comes from?

I draw a lot of inspiration from all types of music from around the globe and one thing I have noticed about world acts – and the local world musos in our town are no exception to this – is that their music is invariably imbued with their spirit and positive vibes. Doesn’t matter where you come from, playing from the heart is what counts. Being of benefit to your community is what counts. This is what connects people and makes this style of music unique. With these acts involved with Bambusean Nights you will come away feeling inspired and full of life again!

What can you tell us about the bands playing this Saturday? Who’s on the bill and why did you choose them for Bambusean Night #1?

The night will start with a hand picked tasting platter of worldly grooves from around the planet to set the vibe right for dancing. I chose these bands because I know they can deliver good dancing vibes:

The Komichi Alliance

Conscious Afro-Roots Reggae heavily infused with high doses of funk and Southern African rhythms. Lead by the soulful Josiah Komichi of Zimbabwe, this world powerhouse has some of the best hitters in town on the line-up. Their infectious #devastationroots will keep you dancing up a sweat and wanting more and more!

Komichi Alliance
Shangara Jive

A seven-piece band that performs a variety of African styles including Kwassa Kwassa, Roots Reggae, Soka Beat, Jit, Chimurenga (Mbira Music) and Soukous. The music takes its influences from traditional Mbira (Thumb piano), drumming and dancing troupes in Zimbabwe and from many contemporary Chimurenga Music artists including Oliver Mtukudzi, Thomas Mapfumo and the Black Spirits, John Chibadura. The music incorporates flavours from other African nations including the Congo and South Africa and percussion styles from Zimbabwe, Guinea and Senegal. Songs are sung in Shona (Zimbabwe) and English and cover themes such as day to day living in Africa, African traditions and culture, education for African youth, political impacts on african societies the joy of music, love and togetherness.

Shangara Jive
Bambuseae will do a late set, with a closing set by DJ T. Maxwell giving us a mixture of afro-soul, disco and solid gold.

And what else besides the music can people look forward to on the night?

People can expect a specially concocted and exotic cocktail and a local food van to help fortify their enthusiasm through out the night.

bambuseae rhythm section
And how about the Bambusease Rhythm Section? Other than leading the way with these showcase gigs at Mojos, what are the plans for the group in 2018?​​

2018 is going to be huge for Bambuseae and one thing is for certain – There will be a whole lotta dancing goin’ on. We are planning a single launch and a WA tour at the moment for this year. But in our immediate future we will be supporting the Perth Symphony Orchestra at Murdoch University and also playing at Chevron Gardens as part of the Perth Festival in February. We are also talking with other musical mates about more unique collaborations for the future.

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