BALL PARK MUSIC Getting prolific

Just over a year after the success of their 2016 album Every Night the Same Dream, which reached #3 on the ARIA Charts, five-piece Brissie favourites Ball Park Music are already back to treat fans with the release of new single Exactly How You Are.

Shortly after Every Night‘s release, frontman Sam Cromack hit a little purple patch of writing – unsure where it would lead, he decided to roll with it anyway.

Cromack has relayed the inspiration for the song as being a love letter about seeing someone, accepting them, and loving them for who they are.”It’s a big love song really,” he says. “It’s totally sincere.”

In a reflection of Cromack’s words, the single’s music video is a DIY-style, vintage compilation of band members Jennifer Boyce, Paul Furness, and twins Dean Hanson and Daniel Hanson backyard jamming and road tripping.

Since debuting their EP Rolling On The Floor, Laughing Ourselves To Sleep in April 2009, the band have released four studio albums and done nine headline tours, as well as supporting American rock legends Weezer on their 2013 Australian tour.

Exactly How You Are is out now.