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Balance And Composure


The Things We Think We’re Missing

No Sleep Records

Literally screaming emotion and imposing self-reflection, Balance And Composure’s second LP is a lot to take in. It’s honest, engaging and terrifyingly relatable, accomplishing a feat of romantic rock that steers away from ‘emo’ and ‘whingy’ labels.

A clump of alternative rock that flows with ease, the album begins with Parachutes and Lost Your Name. Both tracks are in-your-face and heavily reliant on Jon Simmons vocal growls; a style which can be a little off-putting at first listen. However, after a full listen of The Things We Think We’re Missing you’ll be running back to these tracks, bathing in appreciation and understanding.

Tiny Raindrop is one of the best songs of the year. Singing about being infatuated with someone but knowing you’ll eventually let them down; it’s painfully gentle, crammed of metaphors and accessible. Enemy is another solid track, with simple instrumentals; it finishes the album with an exposing and beautiful vibe.

Balance And Composure have seemingly done it again, releasing another solid LP built on heavy, Nirvana-like rhythm guitar, eerie atmospheric lead guitar and incredible lyrical content.


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