BAKERS DAUGHTER AKA ALYCE PLATT Sale of the Century to Fringe

Alyce Platt is a Melbourne born singer-songwriter, musician and actor, better known to Australian audiences for her many roles on iconic TV shows such as Sons and Daughters and Sale of the Century. Now, Platt is heading to FRINGE WORLD to present her original music and artistic pursuits through the lens of an indie pop artist. CERIANN SPILLER had a chat with with Platt about the upcoming show and what makes it unique compared to her previous works. Catch her at the Duke of George on Friday, January 17 and the Sewing Room on Saturday and Sunday, January 18 and 19.

It’s great to have you in Perth for your Fringe debut. What was it that made you feel it was time to take this show on the road?

I’ve been mostly performing in Melbourne and Victoria (except for a couple trips to Brisbane) and we thought it was time to take our music (and) show to the rest of Australia, and Perth is one of my favourite destinations. It’s been years since I’ve performed there.

And what in particular is unique to this show compared to ones that you have done before?

Most of the music is my own original songs. Some songs like Total Control (The Motels), have been reworked and I have written spoken word at the beginning of the song and in the middle which reflects on the halcyon days of the 80s and my high profile television days. I preface some of the songs with prose I have written.

You’ve said the show is about “reframing your past”, what do you mean by that and where do you think the story started for you?

The subject – being me – is the same, but the context – my music and songwriting – offers a more intimate insight into who I am as an artist. The story started in the suburban landscape of the 70s where I grew up in Melbourne and started playing guitar and writing songs when I was 12 years old.

Are there different eras of music and different eras of Alyce Platt that audiences can encounter and if so what is your favourite to recreate?

I have recorded a few covers which are on my Funny Little World album and as it turns out, they are a diverse range of 60s melancholy pop; Jacque Brel’s Amsterdam, The Velvet Underground’s Pale Blue Eyes and Verdelle Smith’s Tar and Cement. (As mentioned) I also do my own version of an 80s classic Total Control which is one of my favourites. It’s not so much different eras of Alyce Platt, but definitely different insights from various times in my life.

You’re well known for your roles on Australian TV, is acting something you would like to return to any time soon? How does it compare to performing on stage and do you prefer one or the other?

Yes, television acting is very different to performing on stage. Performing live is much more intimate and can be terrifying but I love the shared experience with a live audience. It can be magical!