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BADBADNOTGOOD I Don’t Know gets 8.5/10

BADBADNOTGOOD ft Samuel T. Herring 
I Don’t Know 


Canadian jazz/ electronica outfit BADBADNOTGOOD have teamed up for a second time with Future Islands frontman Samuel T. Herring for the release of their latest single I Don’t Know. Herring collaborated with the four-piece for their 2016 album IV, on the memorable Time Moves Slow.

Herring’s gruff vocals are a perfect addition to the song, introducing a sombre, almost eerie tone. BBNG’s impeccable instrumental capabilities shine through in this track, showcasing all aspects of a great jazz tune. Weightless strings, a subdued yet effective percussion section, and the somewhat depressing nature behind the plucking of the ivories brings the song together.

Despite the depressing lyrics, Herring’s unique vocals make it a smooth, slow-jam track. His rich and expressive quality coordinates well with BBNG’s orchestral choices. Soulful and powerful vocals are a change to his usual croaky, throaty vocals when performing with band Future Islands. Although BBNG’s instrumental achievements never fail to shine through, Herring’s vocals truly ascend in the easy-listening tune.

The single goes through moments of beautiful orchestral, upbeat tones, then feature comedowns of the more sombre and dismal kind. Blues-like vibes, rhythmic accompaniments and soulful vocals give this track BBNG’s well-known innovative and imaginative edge.

Samuel Herring ultimately rounds out this group, leaving hope in fans for further collaborations between the two power-houses in the future. Or that Herring becomes a permanent member of the group. We’ll take either.


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