BAD NUTRITION Divorce Party gets 7/10

Bad Nutrition

Divorce Party


If you like your EDM unadulterated yet adults only then look no further than Bad Nutrition. Bad Nutrition is a Perth supergroup of sorts featuring Bridget Turner, Alwyn Nixon-Lloyd and Jade Foo (from Boys Boys Boys and Simone and Girlfunkle fame), as well as Shannon Fox (DJ Shannon Fox) and Anthony Doherty (Your Girl Pho).

Fans of Boys Boys Boys’ cute and shiny pop rock may want to turn elsewhere. People without a sense of absurdist humour may want to run for the hills too. This is an intentionally subversive EDM trainwreck. Imagine The Room in musical form, only Tommy Wiseau gives you a nodding wink from time to time.

The we-didn’t-come-up-with-this-in-two-seconds synth bass melody is stupidly glorious. The vocals are wonkier than Trump’s toupee, yet strangely catchy. And don’t forget that $2 acid house piano, so euphoric it’ll have you gurning harder than a chimp come feeding time. This is stupid fun and I’m curious what’s next.

It’s just a shame the lyrics don’t match the musical execution. This isn’t as funny as it could’ve been, at no point reaching the smutty depths (heights?) of their first single, the festive Big Olde Sack. Because if you’re not delivering lines on the caliber of “Let me have that big fat sack / dangle it down my chimney crack”, then what the hell are you doing?