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Sequel To The Prequel


When discussing The Libertines v Babyshambles a friend recently stated, ‘No-one’s ever said my, that Pete Doherty’s career is on an upward trajectory’. Which is true, while Doherty’s heroin-fuelled escapades seem to be, fittingly, like crack to gossip rags and TMZ, they have rarely proven conducive to good music on Doherty’s behalf.

It was therefore a surprise that Sequel To The Prequel didn’t follow the trajectory of Doherty’s career. Namely, upside down in a backstage toilet covered in shit.

The songwriting is clever and catchy. Bright vocal melodies disguise poetic, dark and funny lyrics; a reminder that beneath Doherty’s pockmarked exterior lies a competent lyricist. The raw guitar tracks take an almost naïve approach towards twanging away through the stylistically diverse songscape, and the band gels in a way that denotes competent musicianship and the excellent production talent of Stephen Street. Choruses are this album’s highlight, especially Nothing Comes To Nothing; while the journey through genre characterised by dub track, Dr No, showcases the band’s originality, as well as the surprising malleability of Doherty’s slurring vocals.

And for the last time, it’s pronounced ‘Dockerty’.


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