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BABOOSHKA Breakfast Of Champions


Recently opened on William Street in Northbridge, Babooshka have been attracting a loyal clientele hungry for their top notch breakfast treats. We catch up with co-owner and manager, George Gifford.

Give us a quick history of Babooshka.

I was managing The Flying Scotsman when Jimmy (filmmaker, Jimmy The Exploder) approached me about the Love Thy Neighbour site. He’d been asked by former owners Jan and T.J. (of Ezra Pound and Old Faithful fame) whether he’d be interested in trying something there. He was, but he had no hospitality experience. That’s where I came in. I was his first choice – anyway that’s what he tells me.

How long have you been in operation?

We’ve been trading for just over two months, and the response has been overwhelming. We serve all day breakfast, seven days a week.

Tell us about the menu. What’s the philosophy behind your selection?

There’s a plethora of fantastic breakfast options in the Perth metro area right now, but not really anything earth-shattering in the CBD or the heart of Northbridge. We wanted to give Northbridge dim sum a real run for it’s money. At the moment our vegetarian dukkah eggs with braised chickpeas, wilted spinach, avocado, haloumi and mushrooms are flying out the door. Madison Casey Kirke designed our menu. Initially she wasn’t available to work for us, but now she’s running the kitchen and we’re stoked. Maddy says we’re definitely not allowed to mention she was on *******chef once upon a time.

Tell us about your coffee.

Our first recruit was gun-barista Ella Maybury from Aliment and 50mL. She’s now our business partner and an integral part of the team. Together we went to every roaster in town. Generally we’d taste an espresso and a long black, then, by the time we tasted the flat white, it was hard to detect any coffee flavour at all. Blacklist Coffee Roaster’s Forte blend cuts through milk strongly. We use Harvey Fresh Jersey Girl which has won blind milk tastings around town. We use single origins for all our black coffees. Gabe, the roaster at Blacklist, is a former barista champion and really knows his shit.

Why do you change up your bagel selection?

Being only a minute from Perth station we’re a popular option for city office workers. We want punters to have a fresh selection of our Kosher Providore authentic boiled bagels to choose from. This, with our rotating selection of juices and salads, means we can offer new options to our regular customers throughout the week.

Anything to add?

We’ll be opening up our trading hours to evenings in time for Fringe World.


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