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Axe Girl

Axe GirlAxe Girl battle Boys Boys Boys! in a double single launch this Friday, May 23, at The Bakery. BOB GORDON chats with Addison Axe.

Axe Girl have released the second single from their forthcoming debut album, a moodier outing called Silence.

“Silence is about the repetitive nature of a doomed relationship,” says vocalist/guitarist, Addison Axe. “It’s not a breakup song, but is bleak all the same. For me it’s a cold, icy song and I sometimes get sad singing it, but it’s one of my favourite songs from the album.

“Sometimes joy or the feeling of elation can be so similar to the feeling of great sorrow, the way it floods your whole body and that’s kinda where Silence sits for me. In the middle.”

It may sit in the middle, but Silence portends that Axe Girl’s forthcoming album may have more flavours than some might have thought.

“It’s certainly a lot darker than our first single, Give Me Your Teeshirt, which is one of the reasons we chose it, to give a real sense of the light and shade of the record.

“I would definitely describe the album as a summery, beachy fun-times record – which is probably what people who have seen us live are expecting, but there are a few ballads scattered in there too and Silence is one of them.”

Addison is also these days moonlighting as the guitarist in Boys Boys Boys! – their exclamation, not ours (!) – who will share the stage at a mutual single launch this Saturday. It ain’t just a normal gig.

“Okay so it’s Axe Girl vs Boys Boys Boys! in a battle – to the death – for intergalactic dance supremacy. Axe Girl are definitely the underdogs in this competition. And rightly so, we are basically shit at dancing. Also Boys Boys Boys! are really good.

“However we have a few sneaky tricks up our sleeves, and have been recruiting our not so un-co buddies to boost morale. Also our routine is way simpler so it’s easier for y’all to learn. We have some pretty awesome surprises for on the night too, it’s gonna be an epic party.”

As the second half of 2014 dawns, Addison is pleased to note that Axe Girl will be as busy as they wanna be.

“We have a few exciting things coming up,” she says. “We’re plating at State Of The Art on Saturday, May 31, and Astor Rocks on Monday, June 2. Our album comes out in September and we’ll be touring Australia towards the end of the year, which is gonna be rad!”

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