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Australia undoubtedly has some of the best music festivals to be found in the Southern hemisphere; if not the world. Unique locations and eclectic line ups combine with the feel-good Aussie party spirit to create some magical experiences to last a lifetime. Here we have listed our favourite five music festivals across Oz that you should make a priority to elevate your festival experience to new heights. Check out Groupon’s flight deals in Australia to plan your festival experience whilst gaining extra spending money for the festivals.

Woodford Folk Festival

Most festivals these days tend to focus on electronic music that attract a young, party-hard audience. However, Woodford Folk Festival offers a respite from this, providing attendees one of the largest and greatest folk festivals in the world. More musicians can be found here than at any other time in the country. A diverse range of acts is accompanied with a broad range of activities such as comedy, debates, theatre and a children’s festival. This makes the event a perfect choice for families or anyone looking for a more cultured festival experience.

Ultra Australia

If you are a young, party-hard festival goer you have no doubt been mourning the loss of Stereosonic – Australia’s legendary now extinct electronic music festival. In its place, the famous world-touring festival Ultra has arrived in Australia. Ultra has come exactly at a time when Australian electronic dance music fans need it. Ultra have put on some epic music festivals in different parts of the world and the atmosphere for the Australian dates in 2019 is set to be out of this world.

Rabbits Eat Lettuce

Australia has many alternative festivals and a personal favourite is Rabbits Eat Lettuce. This festival has the bonus of being BYOB meaning no huge cut to your bank balance from the four days of camping that this festival provides. On top of this, the music plays around the clock 24/7 to make this the ultimate choice for seasoned festival goers.

Wide Open Space

As you may guess from the name, Wide Open Space festival offers an exceptional aesthetic of the Australian outback. No other festival is quite like it thanks to its special location and gorgeous views. Offering a wide range of genres, there is something for everyone with this festival also showcasing great performance theatre and art. The focus is centred on you and your imagination in the calm of the outback.

Field Day

You would be hard pressed to find a better venue than The Domain in Sydney. Field Day festival on New Year’s Day is something that everyone should attend at least once. Revellers celebrating ushering in the new year create a legendary atmosphere that is one of the friendliest you’ll find anywhere on earth. A single day of music and fun is perfect for those who dislike the squalor of camping and just feels right when rejoicing in the start of something new.

With so many festivals on offer across Australia, it would be a lifetime achievement to get close to attending all of them. If you’re not going to be raving on into your old age, make sure to cherry-pick the cream of the crop so that you get the best memories that’ll last forever. It’s best to plan effectively and go to festivals that suit your wants and needs as well as in your budget. And if you’re struggling for ideas, the five listed here are an absolute must.








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