Romper Stomper

As promised, Revelation Film Festival is going to be bringing us fantastic cinema all year round, not just in during the actual festival, with the inauguration of Australian Revelations – monthly screenings of classic Aussie films at the new Backlot Studio in West Perth. And what better film to kick things off – wearing white-laced Doc Martens, no less – than Geoffrey Wright’s controversial and violent 1992 skinhead drama, Romper Stomper.

The film that put Russell Crowe on the map will be introduced by noted film critic Mark Naglazas and will be preceded by a locally made short film. It all happens on Monday, November 24, at 6.30pm. tickets are available here.

Next month’s screening, on December 29, is the iconic petrolhead classic Mad Max, complete with a Skype Q&A with Steve “Goose” Bisley! Tickets go on sale soon. to stay in the loop, head to the Revelation Film Festival website.