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Australian Fashionistas Model Audition Night

AUSTRALIAN FASHIONISTAS MODEL AUDITION NIGHTAustralian Fashionistas is a blossoming fashion project, and X-Press was lucky enough to attend its 2014 search for representatives of the new platform. LUCY BALLANTYNE enters a brave new world of modeling and promotional hostessing.

The website, though exquisitely designed, evades hard definitions: I am still not quite sure I get what Australian Fashionistas is. This might be because the company is still very young, hosting their first event in October this year.

The Monday night event at Coolbinia’s niche venue Pirate Bar was a search for the young people who would become the faces of the Australian Fashionistas brand. It was an open casting call at a themed barrr, me hearties.

To call Pirate Bar a small bar is probably an injustice. By virtue of its suburban location, it is occupies a fairly massive space, including a function room, outdoor courtyard and huge kitchen. At the moment, Pirate Bar looks a bit like the pair of bright white sneakers you bought – too new. It’ll look a bit better once it’s got some dirt on it. The polished floors, monolithic fridges and leather lounges are bombastic, but still inviting, and I can think of some far worse places to have a quiet drink. Major points for commitment to theme, right down to the water feature. Yes, I said water feature.

Founded by Melanie Pool, Australian Fashionistas aims to create a bridge between models, fashion industry professionals, bloggers, press and adoring fans in relaxed, boutique locations. The first of the Australian Fashionistas’ events will showcase what they have described as the ‘Mt Hawthorn hub’: the growing array of small bars and boutiques frequented by Perth’s style-conscious in the suburbs just north of the CBD. Australian Fashionistas events celebrate Perth’s fashion élite – fashionistas love to network.

At the casting call, aspiring models were invited to wait and chat among the tall-ship themed light fittings while they entered an adjoining room one-by-one. Three judges observed the models’ walks, and asked them to talk a little about themselves. The ladies running the show were clearly looking for models who could hold their own in conversation, but also be fresh faced and perky.     Looking around the room, this didn’t seem to be in short supply.

We spoke to one model, a sociology and anthropology student, who seemed excited by this new opportunity. In her 18 months experience (limited in the modeling world), she was yet to face a casting call that required her to talk. The models at the Australian Fashionistas casting call seemed excited by the prospect of not just posing, but hosting at events around Perth. Perhaps influenced by founder Pool’s past experiences as a host at events and on television, the faces of the Australian Fashionistas brand will need to be more than just pretty – they will need to use their words. It’s glamour, it’s fun, it’s fashion, it’s networking, it’s exclusive, it’s boutique and it’s fabulous. I think I’m following.

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