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Australian Bands That Put the Whole World on Its Ear

The unique sound of Australia is hard to confuse with any other sound. It is difficult to say thanks to what phenomena in Australian music, whose influence or what events in the history of the development of the Australian rock scene it happened. But it is an undeniable fact, which, in our humble opinion, can be explained very simply – people from the southern hemisphere always prefer to turn everything upside down, like true antipodes. And their new year comes in the summer, and the best CasinoChan Australia is incredibly popular all over the world. Today we will talk about five Australian bands, without which it is impossible to imagine modern music.

1. Jet 

Brothers Nick and Chris Cester are the backbones of this Melbourne hard rock band whose biggest hit Are You Gonna Be My Girl? was released in 2003. Rollover DJ and Look What You Done, burn other great tracks from their debut album Get Born.

The musicians have been heavily influenced by great bands. The young band even managed to work with some of their idols more than once. Among their inspirations, the musicians included: “Queen”, “The Faces”, “The Beatles” and “The Kinks”, “Oasis”, “AC/DC”, and “The Rolling Stones”.

The band’s songs are described as a mixture of cheeky rock’n’roll and lyrical pop-rock. Throughout their career, the musicians have released three studio albums and one vinyl record. Absolutely all compositions were written by the musicians themselves. Their songs became the soundtracks of popular movies and video games. Also, the artists collaborated with the largest advertising companies in the world.

2. Tame Impala 

The psychedelic rock revivalists from Perth formed in 2007, but it wasn’t until 2012 that they released the single Elephant that impressed the world.

The band decided to combine a retro sound with the peculiarities of modern-sounding compositions. Long years of experimentation in different directions, development of their taste, and replenishment of “aesthetic baggage” helped to hone the sound of the band as something unique, not similar to modern compositions.

The band decided to post their tracks on the MySpace network. Interestingly, only a few tracks were published, but even they managed to arouse the interest of the Modular Records label, which contacted the musicians with a proposal for further cooperation.

3. Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds

A dark master of Australian rock, Cave made his punk-gothic debut with The Birthday Party in 1978. The band broke up in 1983. Cave then formed The Bad Seeds, which released 15 albums. The 1996 album Murder Ballads became a cult album, on which we will find an equally iconic association with another Australian icon, Kylie Minogue.

At the end of February 2021, the band presented its fans with its 18th studio album. We are talking about the compilation Carnage. Longtime Nick Cave’s friend Warren Ellis helped the musicians on the record. The compilation features eight tracks. It became known about the album release last year. The album is already available on streaming services, and on CD and vinyl, the album will be released at the end of spring 2021.

4. The Avalanches

The Melbourne-based DJ collective made a huge splash in 2000 with their debut album Since I Left You. A powerful combination of original melodies, catchy samples, and scratches. Using a lot of samples and ambient effects on the album, the band made one of the best psychedelic albums of the last 40 years. The album has been included in lists: “Best of the 2000s”, “Best Australian Albums of All Time”, “Best Albums of the Decade”, and in the book “100 Best Australian Albums”.

For a long time, it was thought that they would never again repeat their success, but 16 years later they have done so with Wildflower.

5.  AC/DC

The godfathers of Australian rock, the legendary AC/DC were formed by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, two British Glasgow natives who moved to Sydney in the ’60s. Originally introducing the late Bon Scott on vocals (he was replaced after his death in 1980 by Brian Johnson).

The band made a huge contribution to rock music and heavy metal, as well as winning millions of fans around the world. The group to this day releases material and performs concerts, tickets to which sold out in the shortest possible time.

Many performers and bands of punk rock, hardcore punk, grunge, garage rock, and alternative rock also noted AC/DC as having influenced them. Although the band was initially criticized by late-’70s British punk rockers, many musicians in the movement gave credit to AC/DC for the high energy of their music and their grounded and anti-commercial (though many would argue with that) approaches to rock music.

AC/DC’s influence on Australian music is hard to overestimate. Conventionally speaking, every Australian rock band that emerged in the mid-70s and later has been influenced by AC/DC. Australian bands that mentioned AC/DC’s influence on them include, for example, Airbourne, Blood Duster, Frenzal Rhomb, INXS, Jet, The Living End, Midnight Oil, Powderfinger, Silverchair, You Am I.


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