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AUGIE MARCH Bootikins gets 8/10

Augie March
Caroline Australia


As expected, Augie March’s latest single Bootikins is unique. What appears to be a mish-mash of sound, words and feelings works harmoniously as a whole, and leaves me with more questions than I began with.

Bootikins, from their upcoming album of the same name out February 23, begins with a singular drone with almost church-like qualities and swiftly transitions into a somewhat spooky tune which wouldn’t feel out of place in The Addams Family. Soon after, their signature rocky sound kicks in with a chorus of “ooh, ahh”s and a nod to the Beatles.

The soundscape created is cluttered, yet clean and intricate. Glenn Richards, as he is wont to do, spurts forth a plethora of cryptic phrases which are intriguing rather than bothersome. The oft-repeated “I can make you feel like dying, try me” is forthright and ominous, leaving me wanting to sit down with a highlighter, processing and analysing what the track could mean.

I also admired the lyric video which accompanied it (check it out along with the film clip below). Featuring ancient Roman pieces, unfinished album artwork and some crudely-drawn genitalia by Richards, it certainly tops YouTube’s usual iMovie slideshow.

As a fan of Augie March’s similarly symbolic tracks such as Here Comes The Night and Future Seal, this is one that makes me want to delve further. It precedes what is sure to be a gripping new record and yet another addition to their impressive catalogue.


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