Asking Alexandria


From Death To Destiny

Sumerian Records

With Aerosmith and Motley Crue being stated as their influences, it was only a matter of time before Asking Alexandria gave the ‘80s rock genre a shot. In their third LP, From Death To Destiny, the band has maintained their metalcore vibe whilst beginning to blend in old school rock, and it works.

Opening strongly with Don’t Pray For Me and Killing You, the band explodes with the energetic and momentous track, The Death Of Me. As a result the album fails to pick up again until Poison and White Line Fever.

Vocalist Danny Worsnop’s screams were a big turnoff in their previous LPs, an issue that he has improved upon, now providing an aggressive sound that is less brutal and genuine.

It feels like a death sentence to claim that a heavy band sounds better clean, but From Death To Destiny seems to have proved just that. The band has begun the transitional shift away from the genre they spawned from, and shown in the bonus track The Death Of Me (Rock Version) that the move may continue. If it does, brace yourself for some incredible music.