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AS YOU LIKE HAMLET Much ado about something

As you Like Hamlet 
is what happens when you purchase a “Complete Works of Shakespeare” but the pages are in the wrong order, but you go along with it anyway! The show is bound to have audiences captivated as seven actors strut the boards to perform both The Tragedy of Hamlet and As You Like It together, in a five night run from Thursday, January 28 to Sunday, February 7 at the DADAA Theatre (get more info and tickets here). To find out more, MICHAEL HOLLICK talked one of the show’s stars, Tully Jones.

How would you describe your show in your own words?

It’s fast, loud and over-dramatic. A poorly done crossover episode of your favourite soaps, multiplied by 10, and with a Shakespearean twist!

How long have you been preparing for Fringe 2021?

We have been rehearsing the show for about two and a half months now, time sure does fly when you’re having fun! The writing process took about six months and there has also been a lot of reading and re-reading of the two plays.

What do you think differentiates your show from the other Fringe 2021 shows?

As You Like Hamlet is, what I like to think, a classic Fringe show. It’s funny, it’s off-the-cuff, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and it’s very “homemade.” I think we are less about standing out and more about giving Perth audiences a Fringe experience to remember. Cheesy, I know…

What kind of people do you think will enjoy As You Like Hamlet the most?

As You Like Hamlet is for anyone and everyone. We combine Shakespeare’s wacky and wonderful use of language with modern day interpretations because, let’s be honest, sometimes Will just doesn’t make sense. As You Like Hamlet allows our audience to say “yes, I’m going to the theatre to watch Shakespeare” but also gives them some Britney Spears action as well. Trust me, it may not make sense now, but it will when you see the show.

What is the main thing that about the show that you are eager to share with audiences?

 We just want to make theatre fun and make fun of theatre. I think that sometimes things get too serious and we “look into” stuff too hard, so by absolutely slaughtering the great works of one of the best playwrights of all time we hope to make theatre accessible and entertaining for those who don’t want to think too hard.

And finally, what fruit is your show most like? And why?

As You Like Hamlet is an orange that you have to cut with a butter knife. You don’t want to have to peel it because it’s just too hard. And when you do make that first cut, it is messy and kind of annoying but also delicious and so bloody enjoyable that you’ll probably do it again one day.

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