Art For Reef’s Sake

Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School is presenting two launch parties as part of the Art For Reef project, complete with “Wild Set design and Aquatic Megababes for the ultimate trip to life drawing pleasure.”
Art For Reef itself is an online global art exhibition started and continuing as a response to the threat posed to the Great Barrier Reef by the Federal Government’s approval of nine new coal ports and the dredging and dumping of seabed on this World Heritage Listed site.
The first launch happens next Tuesday, June 17, at the Fly By Night, with Felicity Groom, Joni In The Moon (duo) and Hayley Beth, with special guest artists Toby Bell and Ian De Souza, plus environmental speakers, as well as artworks from the exhibition.
The second launch will be held on Friday, July 12, at The Bakery, with a line-up to be announced.
They invite your thoughts, submissions and awareness at