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ARCTIC MONKEYS Four Out Of Five gets 8/10

Arctic Monkeys
Four Out Of Five


The Arctic Monkey’s new single Four Out of Five is a polished masterclass in how to do rock and roll in the 21st century from the now seasoned lads from the north of England. Taken from their new album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, the single shows off the group’s continued advances in the school of classic rock, drawing on their collective influences, resulting in a vibrant yet dystopian, 70s lounge sound. The production and instruments mesh together with Alex Turner’s distinctive turns of phrase  evoke memories of the laid-back, cocaine-induced tracks from previous era heavies like Pink Floyd or even Eric Clapton.

This progression into the 70s laid-back rock is not entirely surprising as the Monkeys have always had that bit more polish and style, as well as the desire to continue progressing. Just as they matured on 2013’s AM, reinventing themselves by stripping their sound right down to its basics. Four Out Of Five serves as a welcoming introduction to the band’s first true concept record. And as such, the group have succeeded. The single will tick both the rocking and the critically acclaimed boxes, and ultimately can be likened to, in terms of career progression, Radiohead’s Karma Police or something from The Beatles’ Rubber Soul LP.

And what do I give it? Well, four out of five, of course.


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