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522778_194162650707034_679984224_nTransforming humble washers and strips of hand dyed jersey into eye-catching, geometric necklaces, ARA finds beauty in overlooked objects, something which the label’s designer – Sarah Eastcott – is passionate about.

“I have always been fascinated with op shops and verge collections and using found objects or materials,” the young designer explains of her love for unusual treasures. “I wanted to be able to incorporate metal and fabrics, so I rummaged around until I found an effective kind of metal object I could use. I love the patterns they create when tied together and the effects created from the matte or shiny types of metal.”
A graduate of Curtin University’s fashion and textiles course, Eastcott experimented with jewellery design during her studies but never planned to launch an accessories focused label.

“ARA was born from a long lost uni assignment that came back to life earlier this year. I had made a few pieces in a jewellery unit as part of my fashion course at Curtin and had always wanted to take my idea further. Finally this year I dug them out and ARA was made a reality. My vision is to create unique, one-off pieces that incorporate the use of fabric, metals and found objects.”

Combining hard and soft materials with beautiful results, ARA caters to lovers of off-beat, one-of-a-kind statement jewellery. “My aesthetic incorporates beautiful, feminine colours and soft fabrics while at the same time being edgy and striking. ARA appeals to anyone who likes to wear bold, statement pieces that are versatile and comfortable to wear, while at the same time being totally unique.”  See more ARA designs and find your closest stockist at

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