Anton Franc


All This Talk

Firestarter Distribution


Folk pop quartet Anton Franc’s sophomore effort is a bustling, melodic effort in the vein of Fleet Foxes and Josh Pyke.  It starts with the oppressively cheery Moments, which just about stands up under weight of the sunshine on its shoulders until a blast of sitcom sax hobbles it fatally.

Considerably more interesting is the choppier waters of Dust Storm, a rumbling dark-eyed brooder which envelopes and hypnotises despite the oddly disconnected lyrics – the line ‘I’ve seen the blood of my people flowing’ begs the question – who exactly do Anton Franc consider their people? The song doesn’t answer.

We then move through the bright, summery sing-along cuddle of Water And Blue and the meandering, quietly beautiful Boat Song. Best of all, we finish on Hearts, a blue-eyed country folk ballad which strikes the perfect bittersweet repose between the EP’s light and dark ends.