American Spring



Politically conscious punk rockers Anti-Flag have returned with their tenth studio album, American Spring. Over the past 12 years the Pennsylvanians have carved a niche as one of the top political punk acts in the US, and they make their return to share their thoughts on the state of the world today.


Far from the political climate of the Bush era that brought upon albums like The Terror State and For Blood And Empire, American Spring may be reflective of the current state of politics – it’s polished, underwhelming and hard to care about.


This happens to be the most well-produced album Anti-Flag have released to date. Everything sounds huge, but at the cost of sanding off the edges. The songs have strong melodies and harmonies, but no truly catchy moments, and the guitars go through every popular punk rock riff of the past 15 years. The exception is Brandenburg Gate, apparently about socialism and featuring help from Rancid’s Tim Armstrong. Without You is a collaboration with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, but it’s almost impossible to tell.


A few songs shine through the mud, but overall American Spring is a forgettable effort from a band that was releasing stronger and more memorable albums a decade ago.