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Annie Hall


Though originally from Madrid, Spain, producer and DJ Annie Hall has now relocated to the Detroit area where she lives with her husband – founder of the record label Detroit Underground, upon which her latest long-player is released. The label has a reputation for highly experimental future facing creations conjoining music and art; hence it’s apt that Hall’s music is of prominence on their roster.

The release is made up of five original tracks, backed up by assorted remixes of the same and the result is an elegant collection of works suited for intimate listening.

DSM-5 kicks off the album with an Autechre style tune, albeit with a more conventional drum pattern, accompanied by layers of tech-noid sound. These continue into Sada Abe where they are joined by an ethereal synth. Foihtreiu takes things more introspective and Symphora adds a haunting, intimate element where the beats are frenetic but never messy.

The remixes all work well and add extra dimension and emotion to the tracks, the  highlight being E.R.P’s impassioned reworking of Sada Abe whilst Bandit 28930 is a surprising yet sublime finishing track, the rap supplied by Shadow Huntaz and the hip hop influenced beats complement the industrial soundscape to perfection.

This isn’t dance music; it’s wonderful, intelligent electronica for the more discerning listener.


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