Angus & Julia Stone
Angus & Julia Stone

“A natural storyteller, Julia took a moment’s break from singing, and shared with the crowd how one of her older songs came about. For You, according to Julia, was created for a man/guy/boy, who she then emailed. He responded back with a song called Go To Hell.”

Jarryd James/Little May/Cloud Control

Kings Park & Botanic Garden

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It was less than six months ago that pop folk duo Angus & Julia Stone last serenaded WA fans at the Perth Concert Hall, but thanks to sold-out shows across Australia, they came right back for their summer tour – much to their followers’ delight.

Angus and Julia kicked off their 2015 tour in between the gum trees at Kings Park, a glowing full moon a bonus backdrop for the night. Those that didn’t arrive early were stuck with walking a good 10 to 20 minutes from where they parked, those lucky/smart enough to get to the venue at 4pm scoring prime seats, the sunset, and cool tunes from Jarryd James and Little May.

Support act Cloud Control helped to bring in the last of the crowd with their brand of psychedelic indie rock. But much to the audience’s dismay, the set was unfortunately cut too short, leaving people waiting a good half hour before the Stones were scheduled to get on stage.

Almost an hour later the filler music dimmed, a heavy beat projected though the speakers, the stage lit up, the whispers among the crowd stopped, and Julia opened her mouth. Blue down lights moved dreamily behind Angus & Julia Stone who were front and centre, for their opening song, Heart Beats Slow.

With fans now more than familiar with the siblings’ new album, it was no surprise the set list comprised mostly of their 2014 hits, including Main Street and My Word For It.

A natural storyteller, Julia took a moments break from singing, and shared with the crowd how one of her older songs came about. For You, according to Julia, was created for a man/guy/boy, who she then emailed. He responded back with a song called Go To Hell.

Angus followed with Crash And Burn, as a glowing yellow light illuminated Julia’s silhouette while she danced. The night wouldn’t have been complete without the familiar twanging of a banjo, and Julia blowing into her trumpet during Private Lawns.

Angus couldn’t let his sister steal all of the microphone spotlight, instead taking to the mic to introduce their next song, Paper Aeroplane, which, Angus said, ‘we haven’t played it in something like three years, so if we fuck it…’. It’s safe to say that they didn’t fuck it up. Well, if they did, no one noticed.

A sexy and at times deep rendition of Grease’s You’re The One That I Want was performed by Julia, who asked the crowd to join in midway – the result, a whole lot of ‘ooo ooo oos’ echoing from the grassy hill.

The acoustics during Yellow Brick Road were amazing, cutting through the bright red laser lights that engorged the stage. Towards the middle of the song, Angus’ voice got swallowed up, but regardless, the song gained a whole lot of whistling once Angus had finished.

A sci-fi version of Big Jet Plane, albeit good, sounded a little like the duo were trying to call ET – especially when a number of white lights shined out onto the audience like large, twinkling stars.

Finally, the duo announced their last song, Heartbreak, before launching into the familiar tune then leaving the stage.

Because the crowd refused to leave, it was only fair that that A+J made it back to the stage for one last hooray. Joining them were Little May, Cloud Control and Jarryd James, for a fun cover of Rock It by Little Red.

‘Enjoy the moon and have a good night’ was the last thing Angus said to the audience, and as the stage lit up for the last time that night, a soft, very heartfelt Santa Monica Dream was sung and the two musicians appeared as stars, twinkling in the night sky.