AMY SUGARS Never Say Never


Emerging singer/songwriter Amy Sugars launches her debut album, Everything I Never Said, at The Carine this Friday, April 17. We have a quick catch-up with the talented young musician.

When did you first realise you wanted to pursue music?

I think to some degree I have always wanted to pursue music. A big turning point was when I started writing songs and realised that if you get the right string of words with the right melody you can bring people to a standstill. You can condense an entire relationship into three minutes, or alternatively you can write three minutes about one split second. I find most of my clarity through doing that. And then you can get up on a stage and tell those stories to people. I mean, that is just the coolest thing ever! I have been so lucky to have looked up during a few gigs and realised that the entire room is in silence, watching and listening to every word as I sing it. I have always sung and played instruments but I wouldn’t pursue this if I wasn’t a songwriter.


What’s your sound? Who are your key influences?

My sound could be described as acoustic pop. When I play live its just me and my acoustic guitar, and on the album there’s a band behind each song but it’s still pretty light. A few key influences for me would be Taylor Swift, Missy Higgins and Ed Sheeran.

What’s your writing process like?

I tend to have a lyric idea or melody pop into my head, grab my phone or a pen and paper, and go from there. Other times I sit down with my journal and start writing about what I’m thinking or feeling. I’ve written a song in a friend’s kitchen, in my car on my lunch break, on an airplane, and the list goes on, and no one had a clue they just thought I was texting! But most of the songs I write are written on my bedroom floor.


Tell us about Everything I Never Said.

Everything I Never Said is my debut album which consists of nine songs that I have written. You know, I’m 19 years old so I’m going through new experiences and learning lessons every day and that’s what I write about. The songs on my album move around the general theme of love, or the lack of it, and all the emotions that come with that because that topic is a major thing for a 19 year old girl. For all humans really. I grew up in Perth with a loving family, I don’t have a troubled childhood to write about. I have written songs about death, friendships and growing up, but the songs I write about love just tend to be better and they still explore other themes.


Where did you record and who with?

I recorded at Tone City Recording Studio with Sam Ford and it was an excellent experience! Since I work full time, Sam let me record after work hours and on weekends. It was hard work and definitely a learning experience and growing experience for me musically as well.


What’s up next for you?

I’ll take Everything I Never Said on the road on April 20 around Australia to play at pubs, local music festivals and local radio stations to hopefully build a fan base and gain more experience.