AMY SHARK Weekends gets 5/10


Amy Shark


Amy Shark’s new single Weekends is a personal and musically resounding song about the desperation and exhilaration of new love. The song is the follow up to her hugely popular debut single Adore and the first single from her upcoming EP Night Thinker to be released on April 21.

Weekends is an airy, spaced out melodic number full of resonating guitar feedback and echoing beats. It’s a happy sounding pop song about seemingly despairing and confusing matters, with a quirky but dark video to accompany this sentiment.

Shark’s vocal stylings are breathy and raspy, which after a while can become tedious, and seem a little over-thought and contrived. The music video is similar; it is trying so hard to be different that it lacks any real ingenuity.

The song sounds like a coda to Adore, with both songs being eerily similar in lyrical stylings, content matter and musical panache, so similar in fact that it makes you wonder if Shark has anything else up her sleeve other than gentle, confessional, indie pop songs about the confusion of new love.

Weekends is a sunny, safe number which is just enjoyable enough to listen to and keep fans happy, but it doesn’t leave you overly excited for what is to come from the debut Night Thinker EP. It does however leave you wondering whether her fans will abandon her once their initial curiosity has been fed.

There is sticking to what you know and there is repeating what you know, and Weekends is the latter.