Amelia Ryan has sold out houses, won hearts and caused subtle bladder leakage across the globe with her critically acclaimed shows (A Storm In A D Cup, Lady Liberty, Livvy & Pete and The Breast Is Yet To Come). Now, the Adelaide sensation’s returning to FRINGE WORLD with the best (breast?) bits from all of them in Simply the Breast, hitting De Parel Spiegeltent from Tuesday, February 5 to Saturday, February 9 (get more info and tickets here). BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Ryan to hear about what we can look forward to at the show, why she is finding motherhood to be a new source of comedy gold, and entertaining kids with the hits of the 80s in her other Fringe show 80s Baby, also hitting De Parel Spiegeltent.

You’re returning to FRINGE WORLD with your new show Simply the Breast, what can you tell us about this new tour?

Simply the Breast is a bit of a best of, featuring my self-proclaimed best bits from all of my shows to date. Plus I’ve snuck a bunch of new motherhood material in for good measure, because let’s face it, motherhood dishes out the comedy gold! It traverses the chapters from childhood to parenthood, from liberation to lactation, from being a mess to becoming a MILF, again, self-appointed. Basically if you’ve ever made questionable choices after a few wines, have a family that’s more “Kardashian” than “Brady Bunch”, or wondered what the fuck has happened to your boobs, or pelvic floor – post-children, then this one’s for you!

Your previous shows have dealt with your experiences like pregnancy, but now you’re a mum are you finding motherhood to be a new source of comedy material?

Constantly! For example, public pooh explosions, public pant wetting which are both mine and the baby’s, new Mum neurosis, bleeding from the eyes from sleep deprivation, formerly perky boobs that now face south – all fairly standard mum fodder that might not be funny in the moment, but definitely make for prime comic banter.

How do you juggle mum life with being a touring performer? Is the baby coming along with you?

Support, support, and support. I have a very hands-on and understanding fiancé, and I’ve been extremely lucky that my mum has been able to tour with us. I never take this for granted and am extremely grateful. We also have very supportive family and friends in Adelaide. I write, perform and produce my own shows, so like many busy mamas, my day can start at 6am when (her baby) Archie wakes and finish at 12am when I finish my daily to-do list. It’s a constant hustle that feels never-ending. We also just need to be really organised and actively schedule in times of the year where I won’t take on any gigs. The family needs some down time! I’ve had to make the tough call to leave Archie at home with his Dad while I’m in Perth this year. Mainly for financial reasons, but also to give me space to premiere new shows!

And what’s been your craziest tour story to date?

My most crazy pre-baby tour story involves climbing to the top of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh at sunrise….but I’m going to leave that one there. My craziest post-baby tour probably involves flopping a boob out to feed Archie mid-show. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

I hear you’re also bringing along a show for kids to FRINGE WORLD this time round, what’s that all about?

I am fairly pumped about this one! I wanted to do something that I could take my 15-month-old son Archie along to, so I’ve put together a sing-along, dance-along pop party called 80s Baby! It features all of the hits we danced along to back in the 80s. From WHAM! to Kylie Minogue, to Don Spencer and the Tinlids. I’ve got a three piece band on stage with me, so it’s a great live music experience for the little ones, and it really is a joy to perform because the music is so fun.

What are you looking forward to most at Fringe this year?

Simply the Breast is a great “Mum’s Night Out” kinda show, so I’m looking forward to giving the mamas of Perth a good excuse for some wine time and a good laugh. Plus I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t way too excited about wearing my 80s garb and busting out some disco dance moves with the kids!