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The High Life

Amberdown launch their debut EP, Miss Mediocrity, this Saturday, September 13, at The Causeway, with guests Valdaway, September Sun and Daniel Roby. AARON BRYANS reports.

Local rockers Amberdown have had a hard-working and progressive last 12 months, performing their powerful-yet-fun sets night after night, but things have stepped up a notch wit the release and launch of their debut EP, Miss Mediocrity, this weekend.

“We’re so excited, smiling from ear to ear,” vocalist Daniel Connell exclaims.

“It’s finally here. We can’t wait to get up there and have heaps of fun. The day can’t come any sooner. We’re trying to saviour the excitement and hype because we don’t want it go by in a flash! There’s been so much lead up to it and it’s going to be a whole load of fun to see everyone there that’s been counting on us for this release.”

The band has been on a reboot since 2013, with a revamped line-up and a new direction. With the joy of playing live music on their mind, the band has let nothing stand in their way, not even sleep.

“Re-birthing wasn’t easy,” Connell reveals. “Ryan, one of the founding members of Amberdown moved to Melbourne and replacing him was tough; but we had to get back on the horse and found something fresh and a great balance. We have found that now with the guys in the band.

“Getting in to play awesome shows, getting up four hours later to go to work. Those are our favourite moments. Then all that hard work seems like nothing because of the sense of support we are feeling and getting to play with a whole bunch of other bands and to new crowds.”

Miss Mediocrity was recorded at Revolver Sound Studios with the production split between Ben Glatzer and his son, Amberdown guitarist, Jason Glatzer, giving the father/son duo a chance to recreate Amberdown’s live atmosphere into an all-out rock CD.

“Working with dad has been an unforgettable experience,” Jason Glatzer says. “He is not like any other producer or engineer I’ve worked with or seen before, and I’m not saying this just for Amberdown’s sake but for his legacy also. His attention to detail is immaculate to say the least. He’s not one of those hot shot producers that watches the clock, he has a true passion to get the most out of you as a band and as individual musicians no matter how long it takes. The patience lesson was a big learning curve for all of us. And despite all that life threw at us, marriages, divorces, funerals – we never gave up on the project.”

“Glatzer was a great mentor,” Connell adds. “Watching Jason produce and engineer this in his own right was truly special. Revolver gave us a real home feel to recording which made everything comfortable. We go in, get done what we have to and have a chill and a laugh along the way.

“It feels awesome to share something we created in a smelly room drinking beers and laughing our asses off. We have so much fun doing this and it’s a great feeling knowing people are hearing it.”

The momentum won’t stop there, however, with the band set for an interstate tour in mid-November.

“Playing live is worth all the sleepless nights and the hours we put in after work,” Connell says. “Hopefully we can keep on playing until our fingers bleed and we can’t walk anymore. There’s a long road ahead for us. There is a lot more writing to do to get the next release out. We couldn’t be more excited!”

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