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ALVVAYS In Undertow gets 8.5/10

In Undertow


Relentless touring has denied us any new music from Toronto’s Alvvays since 2014’s brilliantly received self-titled debut. Packed full of melodies to die for, thankfully the band has not forsaken this on their latest single In Undertow.

Bringing synths to the fore and a move away from what previously brinked on lo-fi, Alvvays now have a layered yet clear sound invoking Fleetwood Mac particularly in the simple rhythm section arrangement. Vocalist Molly Rankin channels some Stevie Nicks huskiness, particularly in the higher register of her voice when singing her unbelievably catchy melodies. With a better recorded vocal sound than on their debut, Rankin’s melancholy resonates more than ever with lines like, “What’s left for you and me? I ask that question rhetorically”.

And that’s basically what sets Alvvays apart from a sea of similar sounding bands. You can level criticism at it not being not remarkably different to previous songs such as The Agency Group and Archie, Marry Me, but who can argue with an almost seamless blend of melody, melancholy and originality? Sophomore album Antisocialites drops September 8.


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