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ALMOST LESBIANS gets 7.5/10 Gay times

Almost Lesbians @ The Supper Room at Perth Town Hall (for Fringe)
Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Don’t get it twisted, these two almost lesbians came to slay at Fringe 2018, ticking off all those boxes in the quest for an award, and they are not shy about it. Anna Piper Scott and Sophie Joske’s friendship bears some delicious fruit in a warm, funny story about their life experiences as a trans woman and a bisexual woman, respectively and respectfully.

After the hit of their 2017 Fringe show Sophie Joske: Household Name, these two are back with another inevitable hit on their hands, and they’re not confused about what they’re delivering. They are hot, smoking comedic gold, delivered like a hot pizza into your lap, and that warm goodness as is delicious to soak up as any Saturday night hangover prevention.

Combining some cutting insight into the finer nuances of gender and sexual fluidity, and the complications of navigating life in a heteronormative society, Joske and Scott are your gateway drug to comedy, lip syncing and some truly engaging dance numbers that will fill your need for alternative, women-focused comedy wholeheartedly.

The warmth and love for one another is palpable, and their personal chemistry is as contagious as a bad case of gastroenteritis. The two women happily mock themselves in the most positive of ways – there is no room for negative self-deprecation here, as these girls know exactly what they’re about. What that is, consists of sequins, fun and glitter, and an unholy but hilarious worship of actress Sarah Paulson on Joske’s part.

The only slip worthy of critique is the piece whereby they mercilessly mock “white, straight dudes” dancing. In a show promoting tolerance and acceptance, this is a misstep that’s both unfortunate and confusing. Sure, white, cisgender, heterosexual straight dudes have a lot to answer for, as Anna so rightly points out in her brilliantly searing commentary on the benefits of her former life as one, but perhaps the derision could be contained to a more constructive riff. This point was already perfectly illustrated with a knee-slapplingly funny story about one being owned by a drag queen in Melbourne. Nonetheless, it’s forgivable and the show is otherwise flawless.

Combining cutting comedy, theatrical brilliance and show-stopping snark, Almost Lesbians should indeed be in the running for an award – for some of the funniest, most intelligent and heart warming theatre of the season.


Almost Lesbians runs until February 18 at the Supper Room at Perth Town Hall presented by The Lucky Cat as part of FRINGE WORLD. For tickets and more information, visit the event page here.

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