all.we.areAll We Are


University life in Liverpool was where the three members of All We Are formed after the three members had their roots in Ireland, Norway and Brazil respectively. The melting pot of cultures come together seamlessly as the trio wrote tunes in the Norwegian mountains and a cottage in Wales for their self-titled debut.

The young group are a rare breed in that they work as a total democracy where each member contributes to the music and the lyrics, even to the point of the trio describing their three-way vocals as sounding like ‘the Bee Gees on diazepam. The music school graduates manage not to be too contrived in their delivery, possibly due to two of the members having to learn new instruments as they all came to the band with their primary instrument being guitar.

Guitars may be what brought the songwriters together in the first place, but All We Are have their sights set on the dance floor. These may not be big club anthems, but tunes like Feel Safe have disco styled grooves that make your chest hair stand on end. I Wear You is a more soulful effort that captures the slow shuffles and tasteful melodies of these best friends.

All We Are have a knack for hiding lovelorn lyrics inside swirling guitars and softened grooves. This record has awkward youthful late night make out sessions written all over it.