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Alex Lloyd


Urban Wilderness

MGM Distribution

Inspired by the cultural diversity of living abroad for six years as well as the joys of fatherhood, Alex Lloyd has come home to release his sixth studio album, Urban Wilderness.

Telling stories of love and family infused with Lloyd’s transition of living in London, Urban Wilderness is the product of an Australian singer/songwriter that has stepped his way back into the music scene with a punch of courage to give his fans a positive, upbeat and classic sounding record.
Black Cat, recorded in his London home studio is the opening track and introduces the listener to the smooth, catchy tunes and Lloyd stepping outside his comfort zone lyrically. Waterfall and Better The Less You Know hold close to his firstborn Jake and two year-old Elvis, rolling into a well-crafted blues and roots vibe.
Bring It On is a raw, feel-good track with a powerful snare drum sound that leaves you buzzing with happy vibrations. The sound is lifted to a raunchier and hard-hitting blues feel with Good Thing, a song written in flight from Sydney to Perth working fantastically with its in-depth emotion.
Urban Wilderness speaks for itself, showcasing a diverse side to Lloyd and reuniting him with his past love of blues and roots music preserved into a natural and developed sound.

 Rating: 3 stars 


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