Alabama Shakes
Alabama Shakes

Sound & Color

The greatest mistake anyone will make when listening to Alabama Shakes’ new album is expecting it will be 12 tracks recalling Hold On. Sound & Color is the Shakes’ follow up to their indie-radio-bursting debut, and boy howdy, does it live up to expectations – apart from regurgitating their early hit, that is.

Brittany Howard’s charming, androgynous vocals once again lead the journey across an impressively versatile album that showcases downplayed soul-funk on This Feeling and Etta James-like power vocals on Miss You. But by far the greatest evolution from 2012’s Boys & Girls is how well showcased the rest of the band is; the debut was Howard with a band behind her, Sound & Color utilises vocals by the other three musicians to great effect, producing brilliant harmonies throughout – most notably on Future People and Gemini.

Ultimately, Alabama Shakes are a band that is extremely difficult to dislike. Sound & Color is Americana reinterpreted; it stands out as an ode to an era of country and soul that might have been lost to the sands of time.