AK4 Artificial intelligence meets jazz for WA trumpeter

You probably know local luminary Adrian Kelly but his new supergroup AK4 have really pulled one out of the bag on new record Cry, Wolf! Catch them launching a technological masterpiece this Sunday, October 25 at the Duke of George in Freo.

Witness history in the making as the jazz fusion quartet meet cutting edge artificial intelligence technology. Internationally acclaimed jazz trumpeter Adrian Kelly‘s second album in as many months is his most groundbreaking to date and has attracted national and international interest for its use of A.I. technology.

Developed by Hong Kong composer/programmer Wing Sang Wong (aka Wilson), the A.I. program is essentially written so that the computer “listens” to the performers in the quartet and then reacts and improvises with electronic sounds based on what they are playing.

“I asked Wilson not to tell me what the A.I. was ‘thinking’ so that it acts as independently as possible – like a true member of the ensemble; a fifth improviser,” Kelly explains.

Witness Kelly live in concert, directing the computer to listen to and control variables like the rate-of-change and volume. Expect a show unlike anything you’ve seen before when AK4 unveil their fifth member at the Duke of George.

It’s something of a supergroup too, featuring WA’s finest players both on the record and hitting the stage alongside Kelly. “(It’s) me on trumpet, Daniel Susnjar on drums, Pete Jeavons on bass, and Simon Jeans on guitar. Myself and Simon – and possibly Pete too – will be running effects pedals – trumpet going through a guitar harmoniser and phaser pedal is pretty a cool sound!

“And then there’s the A.I., who we have affectionately dubbed, Max,” Kelly continues. “The AI listens to who I tell it to, and then ‘improvises’ one of four different ways – what it comes up with and how it does it, I do not know; I deliberately asked not to be informed about the inner workings of the program so that (we) would respond to it like we do human musicians.”

Cry, Wolf! is out Sunday. AK4 launch the album this Sunday, October 25 at the Duke of George. Tickets from Moshtix and the venue.