AINE TYRRELL Returning to the western sea

Irish singer-songwriter, Aine Tyrrell has announced that she will be returning to Western Australia to celebrate the release of her new album, Return to the Sea which is out February 21. She will play at Four5Nine Bar on Thursday, February 28, Nannup Music Festival on March 2 and 3, and finally at Kidogo Art House in Fremantle on Monday, March 4.

Return to the Sea draws from a number of styles and influences, including traditional Irish folk, soul and rock and roll. Her unwavering passion for justice and integrity has led to her supporting current Women’s Rights and Indigenous Rights issues through performances, social media campaigning, songwriting and public speaking engagements.

Return to The Sea is about standing in power, owning your own skin and making sense of the shared responsibility we have as humans. The album embraces stories that have inspired me to do more than just sit and hope for change,” said Tyrrell of the album. “It is my call to arms. Many observations between Australia and Ireland are scattered through the tracks, but the one common thread is that together we rise in strength when one human experience can mirror and then shape our collective understanding and action.”

Return to the Sea is out February 21. Aine Tyrrell plays Four5Nine Bar, Nannup Music Festival and Kidogo Art House.