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Against. Photo by Dave Mullins

Longshore/Cursed Earth/TRS/Circle One/Worst Possible Outcome/Losing Grip

Bar Four5Nine

Sunday March 22, 2015

The final show of Perth’s own Worst Possible Outcome was always going to make for an interesting night, but since it lined up with the final show of the Against (QLD) tour it meant things were likely to spiral out of control quickly. What would be a quiet Sunday afternoon for most, was a violent assault to the ears for those in attendance.

Opening the day was Bunbury’s loveable, hardcore delinquents, Longshore. These guys mix brutal breakdowns with undulating tempos that show that while they’re great musicians, they’re also capable of a stellar live show. Their set was as intense as it was fast, closing out with their single, A Call To Arms. Keep an eye on these guys as I expect big things from them.

Despite a slightly changed set time, Cursed Earth hit the stage without hesitation and tore the venue to the ground. Opening with a number of songs from their EP, this has to be one of the extreme hardcore acts in WA right now. The crowd flooded the cosy alleyway that is Four5Nine Bar to get right in the mix of the insanity. Following them up were the thrash punks from Margaret River, TRS. Their set was fast, insane and loads of fun. Circle One were next up and smashed out song after song of high intensity hardcore.

There was a slight sense of agitation in the air as Worst Possible Outcome took to the stage. The opening number, Nuclear Winter, is a testament to the dark and ferocious music that has made WPO a staple in the Perth hardcore scene.  Given that a number of bands had pulled out of the show at the last minute, vocalist Adam Hall wasted no time in calling out the bands on their fickleness. He expressed his disappointment for the scene in general, its loss of identity and spirit, before launching into a number of songs reflecting that sentiment – Scene Not Herd and a cover of Minor Threat’s Filler among them. After closing out their set with Consume. Be Silent. Die they left the stage for the final time. It was a wonderful performance, and a fitting send off for such an influential band. You’ll be missed guys.

Losing Grip had the lucky slot in between the two juggernauts, but to say that they merely held their own would be an injustice. Opening with the song Concrete they played a decent mix of their older songs, and a couple from their upcoming release.  Losing Grip are one of the best hardcore bands in Perth right now, and with a debut album on the way expect to see a lot more from them.

Against are not a band for fanfare or fuss, they waste no time jumping into their music, except for the odd break to grab a drink from the bar.  First up was Longest Day, Stage Show and No Master from the 2013 album Bring The End. Against’s show was wild and exciting, vocalist Greg Appleby sharing his mic and drinks with various members of the crowd, often putting them on the spot to remember the lyrics, but if anyone was stumped it certainly didn’t show. Fans proudly screamed out the words without fail or hesitation.

The final song, the aptly titled Bring The End, was a great way for Against to end their tour, and a fitting end for the day. Everyone in the crowd had a great time, and it was good to see Sea Shepherd out supporting local music again.  Even though the show marked the end for one Perth band, it showed how much heart the scene still has, something that I hope we never lose.



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