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Republic Records

It’s been four years since AFI’s last album, Crash Love, and boy has it been worth the wait. Burials, the band’s ninth studio album, is the combination of years of genre experimentation into one cohesive and captivating record that long-time fans or newcomers will be glad to have in their music collection.

Burials starts with the dark and haunting combination of The Sinking Night and the album’s first single, I Hope You Suffer, that not only flows seamlessly, but is incredibly impactful, with powerful vocals and a momentous drum build.

Maintaining its eerie atmosphere, AFI then begin to blend in some pop rock with the fast-paced and catchy tunes A Deep Slow Panic and 17 Crimes. Both tracks are built around their energetic choruses, with simple melodies and upbeat tempos.

Songs like Rewind and Anxious showcase Davey Havok’s incredible vocal control; a strength that when combined with outstanding musical composition has built an album that cannot be ignored.

Burials for mine, is one of the greatest musical surprises of 2013, showcasing AFI’s versatility and providing a cohesive and layered work of genius.


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