AFI @ Metro City gets 9/10

AFI @ Metro City
w/ Basement, Introvert
Thursday, September 14, 2017


AFI returned to Australia for their first headlining tour in a decade, with the four-piece Californian band supported by Basement and Introvert. With AFI having 10 studio albums and selling out thousands of shows all over the world, it was of no surprise that these musical magicians put on one hell of a show.

Introvert got the crowd warmed up and opened with an impressive set. The alternative band from Newcastle had the full attention of everybody in the venue. They performed songs  Everything Is Different Now from their latest EP Old Taste, It’s Alright and Trip from their debut EP Two Tracks. Despite being sick with the flu the boys rocked out and gave us a very powerful set.

People were starting to pack in tight when UK post-hardcore band Basement took to the stage. They jumped right in and had the crowd going wild with Covet from their 2012 LP Colourmeinkindness. Spoiled, also from the aforementioned album saw a few crowd surfers getting around and the first circle pit opened up. Andrew Fisher put it out there to the crowd that Perth was the first city of the tour to crowd surf. While I’m certain that this is probably said at every show, it sure was encouragement enough for the fans and it saw a second circle pit open up. Fisher then donned a cap and you just knew they were going to step it up a bit.

They played a few songs from earlier years such as Yoke and Earl Grey from their 2011 album I Wish I Could Stay Here which had people jumping all over. Aquasun off their latest album Promise Everything had the crowd singing loudly, along with Promise Everything and Brother’s Keeper. Finishing up their set with Whole from Colourmeinkindness, the UK lads really showed us just what an amazing catalogue of songs they have.

A sea of alternative and punk fans filled Metro City for AFI. Black was the theme for the night. Typical gig girls were weaving in and out of the crowd, trying to find that perfect spot. Somewhere the band would see them. People were excitedly chatting, trying to work out which song would be played first. Sound check started and the fans took their positions. They squished into every corner and waited. The anticipation was huge.

Finally, the lights dimmed and AFI took to the stage. The very sight of them commanded attention.

The ever-popular Girl’s Not Grey from their 2003 LP Sing The Sorrow was the first song that they belted out. Fans eagerly jumped around and sang along. There were tears and screams and looks of pure adoration from the audience. This had been a long awaited show and they did not disappoint.

The energy and stage presence from the band was incredible as AFI delivered the perfect set list.  With songs such as 17 Crimes from their 2013 LP Burials, Love Like Winter from 2006’s Decemberunderground and Beautiful Thieves off their 2009 album Crash Love.

Fans were thrilled to hear He Who Laughs Last which is from their 1996 album Very Proud Of Ya. Frontman Davey Havok jumped and danced his way through the entire set. His energy was out of this world and his passion for music radiated throughout the room.

Aurelia from their latest self-titled record (commonly known as The Blood Album), really had fans mesmerised. This is one of the band’s favourite songs to perform live, and it really highlights what AFI is all about.

Beautiful and haunting, Davey’s vocals were flawless. AFI ended with the crowd favourite Miss Murder and not one person could keep still. Fans were ecstatic and singing along. They disappeared off-stage, only to be cheered back on for the obvious encore. Days of the Phoenix from the 2000 album The Art of Drowning left fans screaming for more.

For their part, AFI put on one hell of a show and they gave it everything they had.


Photos by Stuart McKay