Addressing The 3 Biggest Challenges Musicians Face In The Music Industry

Music is notoriously difficult to break into. There is a saying: “The industry is fickle.” Not only is there a barrier to entry as far as instruments and studios. In most cases, there is a level of skill that needs to be attained. As you may have found out, most individuals in the music industry – even the ones you think are not technically proficient, are surprisingly adept at every single aspect of their craft. That is a part of why they are successful. For musicians today, there are many challenges. Some of it can be discouraging, some of it can be enlightening. Today will target three and break them down in terms of how to rise above it.

Building A Website

The beautiful thing about music is that when somebody hears you, and they like what they hear, they’re going to want more. Sounds so closely linked to the human amygdala, the single note can elicit strong emotions. Bob Dylan famously said that the key of C is the key to redemption, and folk music has followed that religiously ever since. This is why you need a website. When people hear you they’re going to want to get to know you and your music. Now, we all know websites can be expensive. Fortunately for us, one can build a music website for free and with minimal technical know-how. Martin’s technology has allowed us the privilege. All you need to do is have a picture, description, and a few samples of your music. From there, adding articles and content so that the individual knows a little bit more about you only adds to one’s investment in your music.

Monetizing Outside Direct Sales

Another problem that musicians face is that people want everything for free. We spend our entire life perfecting a craft, sacrificing time, relationships, and other opportunities for music. Then, people come along and don’t attribute any monetary value to that sacrifice. Fortunately for us, selling albums is not the only way to make money. Views and clicks generate value. The cult of personality is one of the most valuable things one can generate at the moment. We may detest those with a predictable schtick, but a predictable schtick gets views. We’re not saying to do something weird and gross like grow hipster mustache and perform vanilla funk in a bathrobe and fake prescription glasses, but finding your unique voice will always help online.

Being Authentic 

Miles Davis once said: “Sometimes, it takes a long time to find out how to play like yourself.” During our music career, we have no doubt found ourselves singing or playing like someone else. We have idols we aspire to, like Miles Davis, and emulate them. But authenticity is like a magnet. Once an individual hears you, for you, they will instantly attach that sound to you. That’s not to say you have to create a whole new genre. But finding out your own style will permeate into everything, from your brand to your online presence. Spend some time finding it.