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Add Music To Your Video With These 7 Awesome Free Online Music Video Editing Tool

Videos are highly in demand today when it comes to content marketing. Almost every form of advertising and promotion is switching to videos and the demand for video editing services has never been higher. As per recent surveys, videos can really take your marketing campaigns off the ground compared to only audio or text-based content.

However, to get the best results, it is imperative that you post or upload quality audio-visuals. There are many aspects that you can rush to improve the quality of your videos.

But, this piece will focus on how you can add high-quality audio files or tracks to your music video without any hassle. The audio or the audio quality determines half of the likeability of your video. So, editors here is a list of free and convenient music video editing apps that you can use to give your music video the beats it wants. Check them out!

1. Filmora – Amusic video editor that can detect rhythms

If you are looking for a free Online Music video editor that you can easily use to incorporate songs into your video with excellent sound quality, it is your first stop. Filmora is quite popular and is an ideal choice for making music videos. It has one of the most amazing UI along with robust support.

It offers free downloading facilities and is fully secure. Filmora comes with a drag and drop interface, and hence you can finish the nitty-gritty tasks real quick! It can also evaluate music rhythms and sense audio beats with its AI-based functionality. 

2. Magisto – User-friendly Video editing app

If you are searching for a quick and easy solution for putting audio to your existing video, you might want to consider Magisto. It comes with a highly contemporary interface, and the tools are really simple to get acquainted with. The effects and transitions match the modern era trends that people usually expect to enjoy.

The music collection of Magisto will not offend your taste. You will have a lot of options to choose from to key in your music video. If you want to add tracks of your own choice, you are free to do. Also, you will find it easy to use even if you are new to editing as it has a highly intelligent and intuitive interface. So, get started now!

3. InVideo – An all-in-one audio-visual editing tool

If you love to edit your music video on the go and have an incredible array of tracks handy, InVIdeo will help you a lot! InVideo is perfect for any type of editing you want. The music video is one of them. It has a dynamic library and a crystal-clear interface that can help you combine your video and audio in no time! This app lets you incorporate audio tracks into your video but also preserves its original quality.

You can use it by just loading your clip to the software, choose a track and just add it. InVideo also comes with 5000 plus ready-to-use templates and advanced audio and video editing features. Both new and experienced users prefer this application as it offers twenty-four-hour support. You can find solutions to your editing issues anytime online or from the customer support team.

4. GlitchCam–A slightly different alternate option to InShot

Many think this music video editing application is just the same as InShot, but there are certain differences. Even though InShot and Glitch Cam have very relevant interfaces, the functionalities and tools are unique.

Glitchcam comes with a completely separate unit with highly authentic effects which are ready to use. It also has a convenient timeline that lets you easily cut or edits the audio file you want to add to your video. There are also audio fading effects and regulating tools that you can use to make our music video stand out from the rest. This app is perfect for you if you like exploring unending options of tools and features. 

5. VirtualDJ- Music Video editor best known for compatibility!

This application has many qualities but is favored for its easy compatibility. The whole option allows users to cherish a wide array of services. Virtual DJ is easily compatible with android, iPhone, Windows, iPad, and Mac. The application is specially designed so that users have no difficulty in combining the music.

Also, when you are done exporting your final audio-visual file, the quality of the music remains and somewhat improves the same. It does not hamper the quality of the audio track, even one perfect. So, you can definitely count this popular app on your music video editing list.

6. Mixxx- An amazing thriller music video creator

This app comes with high-end features, and the application can do more than you expect from it. It has four decks on its primary interface. They all support the drag and drop functionality. You can play with the song tempo with the help of the key and pitch control options. This is indeed a huge advantage. You can also loop the song beats inside the master sync and mark spots on the track with hotkeys. This excellent application allows you to perform next-level music video editing.

7. Clip Champ- Top-ranked online music video creator

The best thing about the Clip champ is that it has minimum cons as perusers. It comes with a self-explanatory interface. It is more like a functional website and provides complete. You can drag and drop your audio files and cherish making amazing music videos. This tool is constantly upgrading, providing uses with a range of filters, effects, audio editing choices to play with. It is quick and easy, and you can edit your music videos anytime on your phone.

Last Call

The applications mentioned above are absolutely safe to be downloaded. They will not take up too much space in your device. Other than that, you can also edit any type of content with their help. But the applications listed above are best for making music videos. You can explore a few of the first to find out which one suits your personal editing style the best!


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