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Adam Port + &Me


Sailing under the helm of the Keinemusik label, DJ/producers Adam Port and &ME are famous for their driving techno/house tunes and eclectic music tastes. Grabbing &ME  (André Boadu, taking some time off at the Baltic sea), while his partner in crime is away playing shows in Kyoto, SHAUN COWE chats about the pair’s music style and their relation to DIY label Keinemusik. Adam Port and &ME will be playing at The East End Bar & Lounge on Friday, September 12, as part of their Keinemusik tour.

“When we DJ you will never hear just a three hour banging tech house set,” says Boadu. “Depending on the party, we try to go in different directions, rather than firing the biggest bombs. On the production side we like to mix up genre we are into and make them work in the club. Some work – some don’t but it is always gripping checking out something new.”

Talking up the experience of his upcoming Perth show alongside long-time friend and fellow Berliner, Adam Port, Boadu seems pretty comfortable. Then again, why wouldn’t he be? With his latest EP, After Dark, scoring some solid points on the critic’s review scales and his partner-in-crime just releasing his latest EP, Shifter, there’s an expectant buzz generating about their show this week. Of course, it’s all made possible by their label, Keiemusik. When asked about his story behind signing up, Boadu is goes back into ancient history.

“I met Rampa [Gregor Sütterlin] and David [Mayer] in the studio where I was working when I moved to Berlin. We were totally on the same level and after partying for a couple of years we started to do our own parties. That is when I first met Adam and we all decided to push the name Keinemusik a little more with having our own label plus label nights. Now we are celebrating our fifth year.

“We started doing everything ourselves – from producing over to distribution [and] promotion – we even drove around the city to deliver the latest vinyl to all the record stores. So we spent a lot of time together and that is why every idea basically took shape while partying or barbecuing together. We still see each other very often – especially on the weekends – so the vibe of working on ideas is still the same.”

It’s been a long working relationship for the pair. Even when talking about their styles, they seem to draw from a lot of the same fonts of inspiration, though Boadu admits he’s the tech-brained one.

“I would say that Adam is the raw kraut rock guy while I love the raw percussion. He loves percussion as well, as I love the kraut rocking part, but we both love long mixes and even longer build ups so that is the part where we fit together.

“Also, I am kind of a technical nerd, so whenever Adam is struggling with his computer I always try to help, but for production and DJing I guess you always get influenced by your partner without even thinking about it… When we play back-to-back it feels kind of natural because we have done it for so many years now… Plus traveling together always has the good old school trip vibe to it.”

Despite the shows, the pair’s biggest plans for Australia might be easier found steaming from a plastic cup – at least as far as Boadu is concerned.

“Adam and I are coffee junkies and I told him about the high standards in Melbourne. First thing will be lots of espressos.”


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