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ACAPOCALYPSE 80s vs Millennials

You might not have even known you were part of a battle but this new FRINGE WORLD show is forcing the issue – it’s time to take sides. Acapocalypse sees both fans of 80s music and contemporary, millennial music go head-to-head in a singalong sound off. Both parties have their reasons for why their era trumps the other, but you’ll have to head down to The Edith Spiegeltent at Yagan Square from Tuesday, February 5 to Friday, February 8 to find out for yourself. In the millennial’s corner, Harmonix are proud to represent our current day heroes, while on the opposing side, Retrovision are quick to dismiss them as pretenders compared to the stars that shone amidst the glitz and glamour of the 80s. We let the two parties fight it out amongst themselves on some key performance indicators of the two eras.


Harmonix: Who can beat Beyonce and Rihanna?

Retrovision: Obviously the 80s had the most outrageous divas. The 80s was the age of the diva! Big hair, big heels, awesome dance moves and huge voices were a staple of the era. Beyoncé and Rhi Rhi are okay but they’re standing on the shoulders of giants. The original divas were Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Madonna, Cyndi Lauper and Gloria Estefan.

Best movie soundtracks

Retrovision: Movie soundtracks in the 80s defined an era and are still remembered and loved today. I guarantee you, I can just list these and the songs will be playing in your head all day.

Top Gun – Danger Zone (awesome song).
Risky Business – In the Air Tonight (fucking iconic).
Footloose – (Footloooooose Footlooooose pick up your Sunday shooooeees).
Dirty Dancing – I’ve Had the Time of My Life (crying already).
Guardians of the Galaxy – modern movie, awesome 80s soundtrack, just goes to show we are still relevant!

Harmonix: Look okay, maybe you’ve got us there.

Best fashion

Harmonix: 80s fashion is gross. We’ve learned our lessons and it’s so much better out here on the forefront of cutting-edge fashion. Looks are sleeker and sportier and black is the new black. Our gals wear stylish boots, and sheer tops with edgy hairstyles and makeup we modelled off Queen Kylie Jenner. Our guys wear cool sneakers, jeans and snapbacks they paid an obscene amount for. The look they’re cultivating is hipster, homeless chic. The red flannels are indeed ironic but amazing.

Retrovision: Excuse me? Gross? 80s fashion is incredible! It’s over the top and colourful just like we are. You can have your boring black. We turn heads when we go by and our looks are modelled on some of the greats. Our inspirations are Bowie’s blue blazer and lighting bolt, MJ’s white suit and black fedora, Madonna’s amazing and versatile style and the women of the 80s with their big hair, love of neon, pointy stilettos, power suits and big shoulders. Let’s agree to disagree on this one.

Video Clips

Thriller (MJ) – Still listed as the best music video of all time!
Take On Me (a-ha) – Such a cool music video, it’s practically a movie by itself.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper).
When Doves Cry (Prince).
Hungry Like the Wolf (Duran Duran).
Like A Prayer (Madonna).

Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus swinging naked while demolishing a building. Need we say more?
Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars) – Those dance moves were insane!
Love the Way You Lie (Eminem) – That music video was a work of art.
Shape of You (Ed Sheeran).
Shake It Off (Taylor Swift).

Dance moves

Retrovision: Some dance moves we love are The Carlton, The Moon Walk, Dancing in the Dark, The Running Man and Vogueing.

Harmonix: Those are all awful, we do some Dabbing, Flossing, Harlem shaking, Whip and Nae Nae and some sick hip-hop stuff.

Sex symbols

Harmonix: Celebrities are so much sexier now.
Retrovision: No way, Michelle Pfeiffer.
H: Ariana Grande.
R: Richard Gere.
H: Robert Downey Jnr.
R: Deborah Harry.
H: Gigi Hadid.
R: Patrick Swayze.
H: Harry Styles.
R: …Okay to be fair he is very cute.


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