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ABBE MAY WAM Keynote Speaker

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Nominated in this year’s ‘Best Female Vocalist’ Category, Abbe May will take part in a WAM Conference keynote talk with BOB GORDON on Saturday, November 8, from 9.30am at the  Central Institute TAFE  Main Lecture Theatre.

How is your Wednesday residency at Mojos going?

It’s been amazing fun. I’ve been learning so much as I develop my set. I’ve been taking a year off from the music ‘industry’ so these shows are such a marvellous way for me to play live and develop my set before returning to the ring.

Is it nice to be able feature material in a more retrospective sense?

Yes! I am loving playing old and new material and reworking some of the songs so that I can have a cohesive set instead of a kind of juke box atmosphere. It’s interesting to see how the work has evolved over the years, but still contain a certain thread that ties them together. I’ve never enjoyed playing more than I currently do.

Has doing this influenced the way you’re approaching your upcoming album?

It has, absolutely. The drum machine that I am using has samples of real drums recorded at Abbey Road. It is really pulling me toward that sound… Bonham-esque When The Levee Breaks style drums are really turning me on.

What are you intending to convey in your keynote talk at the WAM Conference?

That music is meant to be about communion and catharsis – not fame and money. That success should not come at the cost of your own happiness and certainly not at the cost of your humility.

How important are industry conferences in terms of sharing knowledge?     

Depends on how well the conferences are organised and delivered. I would say a WAM conference is an awesome way to exchange ideas, knowledge and experience.

What’s 2015 hold in store for you?

A new album. A world tour. The most assured and exciting music I have ever delivered.

Abbe May will also open RTRFM’s Courtyard Club series along with DJs Holly Doll and Claire Hodgson this Friday, October 31, from 5pm at the State Theatre Centre of WA Courtyard.

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