ABBE MAY F*ck You gets 8/10

Abbe May
Fuck You


With just over a year since the release of her self-relfective, expressive coming out album Fruit, Abbe May has delivered Fuck You, the first taste of her upcoming sixth studio album Red Flag, currently in writing and production.

With May’s music comes clear commentary of the creation of her material and the life experiences and relationships behind it. If you follow her social media you’ll be treated to periodic anecdotes of her personal life always peppered with themes of female and LGBTI empowerment. Currently in a period of sobriety and self-discovery, May’s voice and schtick is at its most free and fierce, as presented in Fuck You.

Clearly aimed at a jilted lover, this dis track delves away from the chillwave electro of Kiss My Apocalypse and progresses on soul sounds of Fruit into a self-proclaimed country and western direction (said to be a theme on the new album). The sharp content of the chorus is cleverly contradicted with sweet melody and tongue in cheek style delivery. Which really is the genius behind the track, depsite the anger, hurt and betrayal that the content describes.

A catchy pop-country ditty that leaves more of a sweet than sour taste in the mouth despite the vitriolic subject matter and title, we can’t wait for single number two to see what direction the rest of Red Flag will take.