A TO Z OF TAXIDERMY @ Mercado Bar East gets 8.5/10

A to Z of Taxidermy @ Mercado Bar East
Monday, February 4, 2020


Following her award-winning debut at Fringe 2019, followed by awards at Darwin Fringe Festival, Hayley Walker returns this year with the sequel to A Tail of Taxidermy in A to Z of Taxidermy, her fascinating, alphabetised explanation of taxidermy.

From A is for anthropomorphic to Z is for zoonotic diseases, this is a weirdo’s awesome version of Sesame Street, and it is an intriguing journey through an art form that is often seen as something very dark and mystical, or perhaps even a bit disgusting to some. Hence why it’s worth taking a ride through something completely different to unpack, with an utterly engaging guide.

Walker is the proprietor of local taxidermy business Death and Delicacy, who offer a variety of taxidermy workshops to spread the love of preserving animals so they can be loved eternally, and her history as a veterinary nurse translates into a real and contagious passion for animal conservation and ethical utilisation of their beauty as art.

She has selected a venue which is completely accessible and also provides an AUSLAN interpreter at every show, because everyone should be able to access art, and this reflects the kind of person behind this performance, although it is less a performance than somebody sharing their passion so naturally, with a gorgeous warmth and an impish sense of humour.

Walker’s mother greets punters at the door. The entire show feels like a warm hug. There is a break in the 90 minute show to allow those who do not wish to watch her doing a live skinning of an animal carcass to skip it or prepare themselves. It is nothing less than a labour of love in the truest sense.

Providing an array of taxidermy examples to view before or post-show plus ample opportunity to ask any of your burning questions as she offers her time generously to you, this is truly an experience not to be missed. Expand your horizons. It’s an intriguing and beautiful FRINGE WORLD experience.