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A.SWAYZE AND THE GHOSTS Suddenly gets 8/10

A.Swayze and the Ghosts
Ivy League


Suddenly is the first single from A.Swayze and The Ghosts since 2015, and the band have returned with a bang. Suddenly triumphantly captures their high energy and charismatic live shows, serving up fast-paced Australian garage, full of spirit, candour and a bunch of nostalgia. If the end of The Vines has left a gaping hole in your heart, A.Swayze might just help fill it. They are not quite as unhinged as Nicholls and co., but they have that same scathing, dynamic, fervent ethos that makes them impossible not to get drawn in by.

It’s been a few big months for A.Swayze and The Ghosts. The band from Hobart have recently signed to Ivy League Records, announced several east coast shows throughout October and November and have now released this blistering single and accompanying video.

Suddenly makes your ears prick up with it’s compact, fast, toe-tapping garage goodness that errs on the side of alternative Australian pub-rock, with its singalong – or more accurately – its shoutalong chorus. Singer Andrew Swayze’s timeless indie vocals perfectly match the style and aesthetics of the band; the song thumps along with urgent chugging guitar, clean sharp drumming and catchy melodies, all served up with a sharp, classic clip.

Suddenly is raw – but it’s also tight. It’s not surprising the band members have been friends for a long time; in Suddenly, they are a cohesive, unyielding unit that have produced a stellar song that  takes you right back to the glory days of the early 2000’s post punk revival scene.


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