A Skylit Drive


Tragic Hero Records

High-pitched vocals, heavy beats, fast melodies? A first listen of A Skylit Drive’s fourth album, Rise, will feel like a Sleeping With Sirens side-project, and whilst it provides so much more then that, it ultimately suffers from predictability.

Long-time fans of A Skylit Drive will notice a more professional sound, exemplifying the band’s growth through solid tracks like the introductory piece, Save Me Tragedy, which combines hard-hitting drums with energetic riffs. The title track is easily one of the better songs on the album, blending relatable lyrics with an electrifying and catchy chorus. However, it is Just Stay, the only soft song on the album, that is the highlight. With emotionally honest vocals and a perfect instrumental build, it gives Memphis May Fire’s Miles Away a run for its money.

For fans of the post-hardcore genre, Rise features characteristics we all love, with strong melodies, heavy breakdowns and a solid blend of clean and unclean lyrics. However, the album as a whole fails in its lack of diversity and inability to offer much that we haven’t heard before.