A Quickie With… Tracksuit


Tracksuit’s new single, Dance (Looking For Romance), hits the public for the first time this Friday, May 23, at YaYa’s, with support from Odette Mercy And Her Soul Atomics, Custom Royal and Helen Shanahan. We thought it a good time to have a chat with singer and guitarist, Steve Hensby.

Who are Tracksuit? Give us a history lesson.

We’re a four piece rock ‘n’ roll band from Perth. We are about to release a full length album in the upcoming months and we have had three EPs.

What’s your sound? Who are your influences?

We like a lot of different music and I guess that has come through on our album! The Small Faces, Noel Coward, Billy Holiday, Laura Nyro.

Tell us about the single. 

The single is Dance (Looking for Romance). It was written and demoed a few days before going into the studio so it was a very quick and exciting process from being written and then recorded. The song is about having a night out on the town. Special shout out to Ricki Malet who played trumpet on the track, he is an amazing player and all round nice guy!

Where did you record and who with? 

We recorded with Malcolm Clark at YoYo Studio. We recorded very quickly and had an awesome time. Mal is a fantastic person to work with and we were all of the same page with making the record. He works really hard to get the right sounds and makes sure that everything is sounding rather lovely!

What’s up next?

After the single launch we will be releasing the album. We are also releasing another video clip in the not too distant future, the second one off of the record after Chewy, the first single. We’ll be touring the eastern states in the next few months as well as playing more WA shows. Also, we are constantly writing so we should have some more new songs that we’ll play live soon.