A Quickie With… Sleepfreak

SleepfreakPerth rockers Sleepfreak are about to reveal their debut music video, Sleazebag, at The Bakery on Saturday, April 26, with support from Falcon. The Midnight Mules and Gombo. We caught up with guitarist and keyboards player, Aaron Simich.

Where did Sleepfreak spring from? 

Many eons ago a group of us attended the same primary and high schools together and have been close mates ever since. Rock and metal music were always a major commonality between us and so clearly the natural thing to do was to create a band. There were a couple of different members when it was first formed, however we’d been playing gigs together for about eight years with the lineup you see today.

What’s your sound? 

In general, heavy rock is where we would sit if we had to categorise. However we definitely use a number of different genres imbedded into our music including metal, prog, blues and grunge. As for influences: Pantera, Alice In Chains, Ugly Kid Joe, Metallica and Dream Theatre are just a few of the many bands which have had a significant impact on us.

What’s Sleazebag about? 

Sleazebag is about a particular character who is in his own world where everyone adores him and everything is glamorous. This of course is not actual reality, and the video clip portrays this in a very comical way. I think the song itself stood out to us because of the overall theme, structure and the positive reaction from our supporters towards the song.

Who directed/produced? 

The clip itself was directed and produced by Natalie Lewis and Ben Berkout from Story Horse Productions. They did an amazing job with the video and we were blown away with the final cut. We can’t thank them and their crew enough for the amount of work and time they put into this.

It was really interesting to be involved with such a production and to see how it’s done. All the camera and lighting crews, makeup artists, models, actors and comedians made it surreal. We also spent a good chunk of time in hysterics whilst watching Damon Lockwood (who plays the main character) in action. He’s a very funny man and a great actor.

What’s on the horizon?

We are currently working on writing new tunes and recording further tracks. Also looking at doing a national tour possibly beginning of next year, so we are psyched to head out and play some solid shows.