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A Quickie with… Patient Little Sister

Patient Little Sister
Patient Little Sister

Now having doubled in size to a four piece act, Patient Little Sister unveil their new single, What A Fool I Am, at Moan Coffee this Saturday, May 3, with support from Childsaint and Husband. We caught up with singer and violinist, Eliza Rogers.

You guys recently played for some very famous faces, we hear. 

We opened for Adrian Edmondson And The Bad Shepherds on Saturday night at the Rosemount. My brother James and our drummer Alex, as soon as they got within a foot of Adrian, started stuttering and blushing like school boys, and from somewhere James whipped out a very battered VCR of The Young Ones and mutters into his shoes something about Adrian maybe signing it. As the horrible sister I am, I proceeded to make fun of him about this all through soundcheck.

However I was informed about half an hour later that Adrian was in fact married to Jennifer Saunders and best friends with Hugh Laurie, who were both on the door list and scheduled to arrive later in the evening. I pretty much exploded with fan-girly-ness, instantly surpassing James and Alex, and when they arrived I literally stalked them around the Rosemount.

Tell us about What A Fool I Am.

The single What A Fool I Am we wrote almost two years ago, and we knew it was meant to be a single because we’ve been playing it for at least 18 months now and still aren’t sick of it! That’s generally a sign that you’ve got an alright song. When we decided  it would be our first single we also took it to our friend Steve Parkin, who helped us tweak a few things that weren’t quite gelling.

How did recording go?

We recorded with Daniel Carrol at RADA Studio about eight months ago now, and since then we’ve been going into the studio every so often to overdub things we’ve come up with and make little changes that we’ve decided are absolutely necessary and mix the songs. Dan has been so accommodating and patient and mediated all our sibling disagreements! It’s just been really nice to work with someone who is also a friend and is very familiar with what we’re trying to produce sound-wise. It makes the whole recording experience a lot more relaxed, which is so nice!

What’s up next?

For the rest of this year we’re going to be working towards releasing the rest of this second EP. We’re going to head out on a regional tour in June/July, and hopefully get over east just after that as well. We’re also pretty sure Adrian Edmondson and Hugh  Laurie are going to call us up and get us to come on the road with them on an international tour, but for now we’re just focusing on our single launch at Moana this Saturday night!

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